Click on the “Become A Donor” button below to be directed to Donate Life America’s Donate Life Registry page. By registering, you give legal consent for organ and tissue donation and allow donation professionals to act upon your wish to donate at the time of death.


Donor registries are a fast and easy way to register your consent for organ and tissue donation and provide an electronic record of your decision that can be accessed 24/7 in the event of your passing. Registration can help you save and heal the lives of up to 8 people through organ donation and 75 people with tissue donation. For those awaiting heart, lung, kidney, liver, pancreas and other transplants, you can be their superhero.

Registering as a donor through the National Donate Life Registry is simply one more way to make your donation wishes known. Many donors may even wish to register through both Donate Life and their state motor vehicle office driver’s license. However, if you register in both places and change your mind about donation, be sure to remove yourself from both donor registries as well.

If you register online through the National Donate Life Registry, you can change your registration status at any time by logging into the that registry website and changing your registration profile. (Remember, if you are registered as a donor through your state’s driver’s license process, you must remove yourself there as well.)

A donor card is no longer necessary. Federal regulations require all hospital deaths be reported to the local organ procurement organization. This makes it possible for the National Donate Life registry – as well as state motor vehicle registries – to be checked each and every time a death is referred. We recommend that everyone who registers as a donor talk to their family about their decision to donate.