Maria Flannery – Kidney and Pancreas Recipient

Maria lived with Type 1 diabetes since the age of 10 and eventually developed diabetes related kidney disease. As her health declined she was told she would need to either start dialysis or have a kidney transplant. Maria’s father donated one of his kidneys to her in 1994 and his gift lasted for 18 years giving Maria the opportunity to live a healthy and full life again including traveling with her husband and adopting two children.  Eventually, kidney complications set in and she was listed for a second transplant, this time for a kidney and pancreas transplant to end her diabetes.  In September of 2012 Maria received her new kidney and pancreas.  She was able to stop dialysis immediately and within days she felt strong and healthy again.  Maria and her family are indescribably grateful to the young man who made the decision to be an organ donor and to his family for supporting his decision at such a tragic time in their lives.


Jim Pazzanese – Lung Recipient

In December of 2006 Jim Pazzanese was diagnosed with Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis (IPF).  The news came as a shock since Jim and his wife led active lives hiking and biking together for more than 30 years.  On June 8, 2013, Jim received a lifesaving lung transplant.  Jim shares that he is forever grateful to his transplant hospital, New England Bank, his donor and donor family for giving him more time with his family and to watch his grandkids grow up.  Jim says “I know I have been blessed!”


Carrie Little – Double Lung Recipient

Carrie was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis as a toddler, so having treatments for her lungs was just a way of life as she grew up. After college her lung function began to slide downhill quickly and when she moved to Boston the doctors at Brigham and Women’s Hospital were quick to comment that she should consider the possibility of a lung transplant.  In 2011 Carrie received a double-lung transplant. Since the transplant Carrie has found renewed energy to return to school, becoming an interfaith minister and studying spiritual direction. She has traveled with her husband to France and Hawaii, and enjoys chasing after her nephews and niece, two of whom she would not have met without the gift of life. She is grateful every day.


Bill Beal – Kidney Recipient

When Bill received his kidney transplant he felt like he ‘found the fountain of youth’.  Kidney disease caused him to be tired all of the time and lose interest in life.  The excitement of his youngest son going off to college and the first steps of his granddaughter just seemed to pass him by.  After more than two years on dialysis and hoping that his second chance at life would come, Bill received a call that a kidney was available for him.  He is now working again and living life to the fullest.  Bill doesn’t know the identity of his donor, but he is thankful every day to the person who in death gave the gift of life.  He hopes that the family of his donor takes some comfort in the generous gift that this loved one shared.